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***Update April 21, 2021***

Swap Shed Reopening Plan

The Town has been working with Mothers Out Front for several weeks to develop a plan for reopening the swap shed which we anticipate taking place in the very near future. We envision that the management and oversight of the swap shed will be 100% volunteer-driven, as was the case before operational challenges and the pandemic interceded last year.  Appropriate public health precautions will be implemented. Mothers Out Front is actively soliciting volunteers.  Residents who are interested in signing up are urged to contact Mothers Out Front, c/o Trish O’Hagan at the email address provided below.   Senior citizens who are interested in helping to staff the swap shed as participants in the Town’s senior property tax work-off program should contact Abigail Butt, Council on Aging Director at We are enthusiastically anticipating resumption of the program in early-May, subject to our ability to recruit a sufficient core group of volunteers. 

 Swap Shed Volunteers Needed!

Great news, Lincolnites! THE SWAP SHED WILL REOPEN ONCE WE HAVE A ROBUST ROSTER OF COMMITTED VOLUNTEERS to help it run smoothly and safely! 

We all miss the generous give and take that takes place at the Swap table. In the spirit of ‘Zero Waste Lincoln’ in which we are reducing waste, reusing, repurposing and working together—the Lincoln Department of Public Works has agreed that it is time to open the swap shed door. 

Mothers Out Front Lincoln is looking forward to working with the DPW and the Town Staff to make this grand reopening happen as soon as Saturday May 8th!!! 

Whether you can commit to once a week or to once every other month, we are excited to bring everyone together to restore Lincoln’s communal volunteer energy and to keep useful “treasures” OUT of the trash incinerator.

Please email MOF member, Trish O’Hagan @ to let us know you will volunteer to bring back Lincoln’s beloved Swap Table. 

Zero Waste Committee

In a related matter, we would also like to make the community aware of our plans to reinvent the Town’s Recycling Committee. Although conversations are ongoing, we envision the creation of a Zero Waste Committee, perhaps operating as a separate private organization working in collaboration with the Town, whose role is to promote practices and projects that reduce consumption, encourage reuse and reduce waste.  More to come.

Timothy S. Higgins

Town Administrator

Emily Haslett

Staci Montori

Trisha O’Hagan

Candace Pearson

Mothers Out Front

Transfer Station/Recycling/Brush Collection

  • The Lincoln Transfer Station, operated by the Public Works Department, accepts regular household trash and recyclable materials only. No commercial use is allowed.
  • Resident stickers are required to gain entry to the Town Transfer Station and Public Works Facilities. Stickers are available at no charge and may be obtained by clicking on the Transfer Station/Commuter Lot Sticker link on the left or by scheduling an appointment at the DPW.  Please call 781-259-8999 or send an email to schedule an appointment. The Public Works office is open Monday - Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  You must provide your vehicle registration and proof of residency. Stickers must be affixed to the inside driver’s side lower left corner of the vehicle. The Town reserves the right to check the residency of all users of the Transfer Station and Public Works Facilities.
  • The Lincoln Transfer Station/Recycling Center is open on Wednesday and Saturdays from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Occasionally the Station may be closed due to weather related events.  It may also be closed on Holidays .Closings will be posted on the web site and via reverse 911 as soon as possible. 
  • Brush and yard waste (leaves and grass clippings) can be brought to the Public Works Facility, 30 Lewis Street during normal business hours and during the first Saturday of each month between 7:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.  The brush and yard waste is limited to material generated by normal residential activity.  Waste from larger scale land clearing, etc. is not accepted. Use of the DPW yard is limited to residents with a Transfer Station sticker affixed to the front bumper of the vehicle.  Due to space limitations, we ask that residents limit trips to 3 per month.
  • Hazardous waste is not accepted at the Transfer Station. Examples of hazardous waste include oil based paints, solvents, chemicals, medical waste, pesticides, and explosives. Please contact the Lincoln Building/Board of Health Department at 781-259-2613 for disposal information.
  • Building and demolition waste is not accepted at the Transfer Station. Below is a listing of local contractors that will haul building waste.

Department Links:

Please refer to the links at the left side of this page for additional information.

Company Service Contact Phone
Doherty's Garage Construction Debris, Appliances, All Household Trash Chet Thompson 781-259-8034
Dr. Junk Construction Debris, Appliances, All Household Trash John Cuccinello 978-670-5296
Junk King Construction Debris, Appliances, All Household Trash 888-888-JUNK